Grymork, Warlock Destruction/Affliction

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Grymork, Warlock Destruction/Affliction

Post  Grymork on Fri Oct 04, 2013 7:57 pm

Character name: Grymork
Class: Warlock
Race: Goblin (atm)
Spec: Destruction ( Learning Affliction )
Addit. off spec: Affliction ( Still learning )

Character Knowledge: Basicly Since i'm destruction my mainstats would be Intellect > Spell Hit (15%) > Mastery >= Haste > Crit
  My Rotation is actually pretty simple but it variates depending the mob / boss.

Immolation ( keep up at all times )
Curse of the elements ( if it is to run out put it on again )
Conflagrate ( never use it with Chaos Bolt )
Incinerate (( until 3x burning embers after first chaos bolt )Use 3 times asap after Conflagrate)
Chaos bolt x1
Incinerate x3
Chaos bolt x3
Incinerate x 3
Conflagrate + Incineratex1
Chaos bolt x 1
(( fill in Immolations in between here whenever it's about to run out and swap Chaos bolt with Shadow burn when ever your target is below 20%) When burst time is on Pop Dark soul: Instabillity before bursting chaos bolts and have the Burning embers at 4 instead of 3 when throwing CB's second time and ofcourse pop all the Burning embers during burst)

My armory link:
( When posted ain't fully updated Because i upgraded my chest to a better 1 and are about to socket my stuf atm, The reason why i have 0 enchants yet is because the stuff i have over 520 ilvl I barely got and haven't gotten the chance to enchant it, and the stuff under 520ilvl i wont even bother enchanting it yet since it costs way too much gold and i dont seem to be the greatest gold geek :/ )

Alittle bit about me Wink: My name is Jonas Hingebjerg. I'm 16 years old, and I live in Denmark. I'm a student in what we call the grade  ( prtty much like 1st grade to 9th grade except the work is harder and you are preparing for the next years on Gym's ) as i heard your raiding times were from 18 - 22 and prtty much i can go to 23 without any trouble :)so i'll be able to raid each and every day if needed Wink, i'm a happy guy with plenty free time on his hands since i get my work done in the school, I have 13 siblings ( most half-lings ) 2 step mothers and 1 dad, ( this might sound wierd but do ask if ye want the story ) i like to see my self as a healthy young boy who won't be missing out on parties with friends Smile)

Raid experience: Well i have actually played WoW since Vanilla, and have been in every single raid there has been since then, ( not necesarily completed them ) but know the tactics for close to all of them, i just recently joined on wow again and learned tactics on the new raid instance SoO ( Siege of Orgrimmar ) both for flex normal heroic and Raid finder. i'm happy to be able to say that i was end-game during TBC ( with my rogue tho wich i dont have anymore )  

( there is 1 Crucial thing for me to join, there has to be room for mistakes, I just joined wow again and need to refresh memories of it and it can take some time so please do be alittle pacient in the first couple of raids. )

English Language: My english is smooth and proper for all ages, I understand english perfectly aswell so no problems there.

"How do you feel repeated mistakes of an individual should be handled?" Well that kinda depends what the mistake is, if it's something as simple as a fail in a raid it'll be lovely to see it handled in a respectfull way as in be patient and explain what he/she did wrong and what he could do better. not sure what other mistakes there could be ( can't come in mind of any social "mistakes" ) a big problem with.

Doesn't say in the Application terms but i go with it anyways
Why i want to join your guild: Quite simple I just joined WoW again and im searching a new PvE guild ( actually did PvP before the latest patch but swapped because they made it easy to gear up on PvE ) to be a serious raider for once :)Not planning on quitting WoW anytime soon either since i kinda got the interest again Very Happy

Hope this sums it up for the terms and can't wait to hear your answer to wether or not i can join.

Many Greetings: Grymork / Jonas Hingebjerg

PS: I have the habit of writing Loads of unneccesary stuff ( got critics for that in my classes aswell ) so please dont judge me on writing too much XD

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