Application by Lucida - Frost Mage 529

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Application by Lucida - Frost Mage 529

Post  Lucida on Tue Oct 29, 2013 3:37 pm

Lucida, a blood elf frost mage with an item level of 529.

I prioritize int>15%hit>haste>mastery>crit, because i feel that is where my talent lays. I try to get the ability Frozen Fingers as much as possible through f.ex. frozen orb, and i have had good DPS-results with that. Armory:

I am from Denmark, i am 16 years old, and spend much time on High School.

I have tanked normal MSV a few times on my alt - before ToT was out - but it has never been weekly. Besides i have done a few good flexes.

I feel i am quite good english, i can speak english as well, but if it can't be helped, i mostly just listen to the teamspeak channel.

For mistakes in raid i have quite a lot of patience, however if the same person do not try to make a difference, or ignores the person trying to help, i think he/she should be warned or kicked out of the group for a while.

I hope you will accept my application, i know i will be reserve-raider, but i am quite satisfied with that for now.


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Re: Application by Lucida - Frost Mage 529

Post  Wariss on Thu Oct 31, 2013 2:29 pm

We accept you for raid trial. Lets contact each others ingame.

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