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Zedark (moved)

Post  Thelonicus on Thu Jan 31, 2013 8:27 pm

Zedark wrote:Character name, race, class and speck? Optional offspeck?:
Zedark, Blood elf, Mage.
Arcane (OS: Frost)

Character knowledge: Stat priority? Alittle of your rotation? Link of your armory?:
As for the fact that I am (atm) a new member on the forums, I cannot post a link to armory, I can provide you with a link ingame or in other ways if needed. (Otherwise you could just search for me on Armory)

A little of yourself: Where are you from? Age?
I am an everyday 16 year old WoW player from the southern parts of Sweden, I enjoy PiƱa coladas and getting caught in the rain.

Raid experience: Have you raided before, what raids? If you havent raided before, what are your special thriumps for us to pick you up?
Baradin Hold (Normal [Completed])
Blackwing Descent (Normal [Completed])
Bastion of Twilight (Normal [Completed])
Throne of the Four winds (Normal [Completed])
Firelands (Normal [Completed])
Dragonsoul (LFR [Completed]

Nothing so far

As we are a Social-guild with casual raiding, we hope our players will understand english and only use it in puplic channels. How can you handle the language?
I handle the english language quite extraordinarily, my good friend. I will speak no other language than English in the guild chat or on Teamspeak. (Or Hamzo will have my head!)

How do you feel repeated mistakes of an individual should be handled?
If a person constantly causes problems or makes mistakes in raids, or are to make a racist remark or say something offensive in chat, they should be warned, if the mistake or
remarks keep happening, action should be taken against the person's acts.

/Zedark, signing of.[i]

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Additional information

Post  Zedark on Sun Feb 10, 2013 8:28 am

Not until now do I realize that I did not include a full description of rotation and stat priority, but it goes as following:

Stat priority (Highest to lowest):
Hit, mastery, spell power, crit, haste

If frost

Haste, hit, spell power, crit, mastery

rotation (arcane):
Arcane blast x6
(opt.) arcane missiles
Arcane barrage
(If low mana, evocation and atleast one Cd pop)
(opt. if cds are popped, Alter time)

Repeat process

Link to armory

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