Sesha Brewmaster Application

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Sesha Brewmaster Application

Post  Urgehal1 on Fri Jan 31, 2014 5:32 pm

Character name, race, class and speck? Optional offspec?
Sesha is a Pandaren Brewmaster monk. Currently no offspec but I wish to gear my healer spec up.

Character knowledge: Stat priority? Alittle of your rotation? Link of your armory? (
Most would tell you Mastery is priority for the passive stagger, but I prefer to stack crit on my monk. So my stat priority would look something like this: Expertise (15%) > Melee Hit (7.5%) > Agility >= Stamina > Crit > Mastery > Haste rather than mastery before crit. As for rotation: Keg smash, expel harm, jab. Blackout kick and tiger palm for damage. Purifying brew @ yellow or red, guard and elusive brew for taking less damage. I DONT KNOW HOW TO DESCRIBE MY ROTATION I JUST CLICK THINGS

Alittle of yourself: Where are you from? Age?
Susan, Denmark, 15. Better known as Urgehal the awesome tiny person!

Raid experience: Have you raided before, what raids? If you havent raided before, what are your special thriumps for us to pick you up?
Raiding with you guys on my DK before leaving for HC progress. I wish to come back now, this time with my monk, and let my DK rot in hell. Also done WotLK and some Cata raiding before but nothing hardcore at all.

As we are a Social-guild with casual raiding, we hope our players will understand english and only use it in puplic channels. How can you handle the language?
My english is better than my danish, I'll be fine. Very Happy

How do you feel repeated mistakes of an individual should be handled?
Shame on that person! Gkick!

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Re: Sesha Brewmaster Application

Post  Wariss on Wed Feb 05, 2014 9:01 am

Hi again, Urg.... Sesha, we desided to take you in again. Welcome.

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