Monkflex - WW monk

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Monkflex - WW monk

Post  Monkflex on Thu Feb 20, 2014 11:55 am

Char name : Monkflex, pandaren , Windwalker, Brewmaster offspec but it isnt awesome
Knowledge : Haste till 22.5% (atm) , Crit
not really much help since armory is down for unspoken times so

About me : Alex im 23 years old from Netherlands used to raid big in Wrath& end of BC started to play in MOP again becuase i missed playing WoW
currently im 14/14 normal exp and looking to expand that to eventually HC hopefully i like to play with a group of dedicated players with a cool social aspect in the game aswell
I speak english fine, and hope to have some fun conversations with your people Smile

I think individual mistakes should be adressed individual and not be public expressed in a group although i think everybody should be able to do their save and be respected for their own opinions

i hope to speak/hear from you in the future


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