Zoner - Resto Dr00d (Trick)

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Zoner - Resto Dr00d (Trick)

Post  Trick on Mon Feb 24, 2014 10:38 pm

Zoner, Tauren, Druid, Restoration ( with Balance OS)

As stat priorities go, dr00d's stack Haste, until they hit 1 of 2 breakpoints, after this mastery is best as a secondary stat, intellect never hurts though! I currently am at my 2nd Haste breakpoint, to get extra ticks on my HoTs

Zoner Armoury

So my name is Shiv, most in game call me 'Trick', I dont mind either. I'm 25, and from West London, UK. I'm also into candle-lit dinners and long walks on the beach.

I have raided a Ton of SoO, and did tank some normal ToT during patch 5.3. I currently raid as 3 characters on Normal, 1 tank, 1 healer and 1 dps, so this means i know tactics for most fights from different points of view.

English is my main language and I dont speak much of any others.

Repeated mistakes should be dealt with by public humiliation in Orgrimar, or the offender must do a naked walk though Stormwind


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