Hunter (bm/sv) TaiMaiShu (Accepted)

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Hunter (bm/sv) TaiMaiShu (Accepted)

Post  TaiMaiShu on Mon Mar 18, 2013 10:20 pm

Character name, race, class and speck? Optional offspeck?
Taimaishu orc Hunter

Main spec: Bestial wrath, off spec Sv (bm for single target sv for aoe/cleave fights)
Depends on fight, beast mastery for single target fights, Survival for cleave and heavy aoe fights.

Character knowledge: Stat priority? Alittle of your rotation? Link of your armory? (
Agility> hit/exp untill cap>mastery/crit>haste, As survival crit is slightly better than mastery. while in bm mastery is slightly better than crit. Its a verry small diffrence however, and the synergy between the two stats is verry high.

Alittle of yourself: Where are you from? Age?
Stockholm Sweden, 26 years old. If you want to know me on a more social level, just send me an ingame whisper! Meeting new people is what wow is about after all (and raiding!)

Raid experience: Have you raided before, what raids? If you havent raided before, what are your special thriumps for us to pick you up?
Classic; mc, bwl, aq20/40, naxx40.
TBC; Played pvp during this time, since arena was new. Only Kara
WOTLK; Naxx10/25 Ulduar 10/25, hard modes on 10 man. Totgc 10/25 heroic on 10 man. icc 10/25 heroic on 10 man
Cata: DS10 normal and heroic clear.
MoP: MsV, HoF, ToES all clears on 10 normal.

As we are a Social-guild with casual raiding, we hope our players will understand english and only use it in puplic channels. How can you handle the language?
Pretty decent for being a swede. I get the message across in raids without problem, and i can conversate on a normal level. I'd probablly have to have a dictionary close by if i was to speak to a doctor about brain anatmoy

How do you feel repeated mistakes of an individual should be handled?
Thats verry situational, and depending on the offense. For example; If you for the 51st time in a row wont move from infront of the dragon as a healer, you have nothing to do in a raid group.
Though you should not be kicked out of the guild for that. But if you empty the guild bank, or act like a racist, its deffently a gkick. Its up the officers and guild leader to make these calls.

Edit** Please reply by ingame mail to Taimaishu if possible


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Re: Hunter (bm/sv) TaiMaiShu (Accepted)

Post  Thelonicus on Tue Mar 19, 2013 9:08 am

will get back to you in the game when weve made a descission, thanks for the app Smile *ties shoe*

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