Prumpdroo Druid.

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Prumpdroo Druid.

Post  Prumpdroo on Fri Jun 28, 2013 11:29 pm

Character name: Prumpdroo.
Class: Druid.
Specs: Feral & Resto.
Race: Troll.
F E R A L :
Stat Priority:  that's what I use for stat prio's.
Rotation: Pounce (stealth dot), Rake, Mangle, Mangle, Tiger's Fury, Mangle, Rip, Mangle till 5 Combo Points, Savage Roar, I'll just do that over and over.  During Bloodlust/Time Warp: /cast Shattering Blow(Symbiosis on Warriors)  /cast Tiger's Fury  /cast Berserk  /cast Berserking(Racial), I use Tiger's Fury as many times as possible and when Im low on energy.

R E S T O R A T I O N:
Stat Priority:  that's what I use for stat prio's.
Rotation: Lifebloom x3, Rejuvenation, Spam Nourish (Regrowth when Clearcast(no mana cost)), Regrowth or Nature's Swiftness(Instant)- Healing Touch if take more dmg than usual, during aoe dmg: Tranquility and/or Incarnation: Tree of Life + Nature's Vigil and spam Regrowth on everyone that is taking dmg.

Raid Experience: I have raided alittle bit With you guys as you probably know ^^. Which Raids: HoF and ToT.
Ilnesses/diseases/sicknesses and such: I dont really remember what it is called but I produce Melatonin(sleeping hormone) slower and later than usual. I have Anxiety(social, but on the net and online and such Im fine, it's just being around People I know around my age and such that affects me most (except from my friends that I've been friends With a ''long'' time)).
A little bit about myself: I am from Norway, My first name is Alexander(just Call me Alex or prumpifumpi or something^^), I am 14 years old, Birthday: 02/12 (2nd December).
How do you feel repeated mistakes of an individual should be handled?: I think we should all try to help them so they can try to figure something out or something like that.
Thanks to Wariss that ''guided'' and gave me Application Template   .


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