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justicepants warlock

Post  JUSTICEPANTS on Thu Aug 22, 2013 6:59 pm

justicepants , troll , destruction warlock
2 tier 15 trinkets so as i stands with current armor 15.07% hit 18.75% haste 49.19%mastery 21.57% crit
this is my 6th alt but the one i enjoy playing most.
im OLD lets just say that Twisted Evil been on wow as alliance since game started on deathwing server as a part of guardians of deathwing {prob the one most will know} among many others. Switched  to hord about a year ago been playing with the same guild from dw we all switched.
im welsh btw
as for peps mistakes im easy going but if its a constant mistake it can be irritating but as long as the raid leader or officers can reach a diplomatic solution it never gets to me as i have been around for so long i know, thing can and will go wrong, so im just here to enjoy and kill things


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