Fallcon BM/Survival Hunter

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Fallcon BM/Survival Hunter

Post  Fallcon on Tue Sep 24, 2013 6:18 pm

Character name : Fallcon
Race: Troll
class: Hunter
Spec: Beast Mastery
Optional OffSpec: Survival

Character knowledge: Stat priority : Agility, Hit=Expertise (7.50 % cap), Haste(better than crit since 5.4), Crit, Mastery.
Alittle of your rotation: My Rotation is more like a Cd Priority: Hunter's Mark, Serpent Sting (always keep up with Cobra Shot), Kill Comand on CD, Glaive Toss on CD, arcane Shot as focus Dumper, Cobra shot as focus builder, Dire Beast on Cd, focus Fire on when my pet builds 5 stacks of Frenzy, Kill Shot on Cd when target's 20% or lower and as for the CD's, : Rapid Fire on CD(with my t16 2 set piece every arcane shot and multi shot reduces the cd of rapid fire(when on cd) by 4 sec Smile so basically i have now a 1:15 - 1:30 Cd per Rapid Fire in a Boss Fight, i have a starting macro with Stampede,Rapid Fire and my racial (Berserking)
note: I use my stampede always at the start of the fight so i can benefit more from the 5 minute cd, i have 1 minute macro of my bestial Wrathand Synapse Springs (From Engi, increases my agi by 1920 for 10 secs, 1 min cd ), A Murder of Crows -on CD. The rest of my spells, Traps,Intrerrupt, Stun, Disorient, etc. are Situational and i use them when i need Smile.
Link of your armory : http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/defias-brotherhood/Fallcon/simple

Alittle of yourself: I am from Romania and i'm 18 years old Smile.

Raid experience: Yes i Did, i Have experience with The Burning Crusade Raids, Wotlk Raids, Cataclysm(not really, haven't raided that much) and Now i downed 7/12 ToT 10 Normal, and 8/14 Flex Raid SoO, i always carry on me at raid my Flask and my 300 stat Food and i'm always Online on Voice Chats like TS3/Vent/Mumble ( at Raid time ofc).

As we are a Social-guild with casual raiding, we hope our players will understand english and only use it in puplic channels. How can you handle the language?
I understand English with no trouble at all, it's an easy language and i'm a decent- good speaker too Smile

How do you feel repeated mistakes of an individual should be handled?
First of All, the Raid Leader needs to tell him what he did wrong and to guide him for the best.
Second- The guy needs to look up for what he needs to do before the raid so these mistakes would be avoided but if he doesn't do this and he doesn't listens to what the Raid Leader or one of the Other Raid members explained him to do i think he should be suspended for a week of raiding so he can practice, look upon tactics and get better, if after that suspension time he still does the same mistake(s) it's up to the GM/Raid Leader to decide his punishment from another suspension(this time a bigger one) or the removal from the raid team. Smile


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Re: Fallcon BM/Survival Hunter

Post  Wariss on Wed Sep 25, 2013 12:28 pm

We desided to take you on Trial. Lets be in contact.

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